The Never Alone Club provides online meeting space for recovery, self-help, and support groups.

NEVERALONECLUB.ORG is not affiliated with NA , CMA, or any other 12-step or recovery group we may provide an online meeting space for.

NEVERALONECLUB.ORG does not charge its members -- or the groups who make use of its public IRC network -- any dues or fees. However, we do have modest expenses for providing you with this service.

Our tech expenses are approximately $50-$105 a month , this includes hosting four servers, a number of subscriptions to drone/tor/VPN blacklists ( and, annual compliance paperwork, registered agent service, SSL certificates, our PO Box in Dallas.

We are incorporated in the State of Wisconsin as Never Alone Alano Club Corporation , any resources shared by the two combined NA groups are billed to an entity incorporated in the State of Wisconsin as "Friends United with one Cause LLC." The annual registration/compliance paperwork is approximately $25 per year for each entity. The annual registered agent service is approximately $49 per year for each entity.

This disclosure is provided because the average participant doesn't necessarily understand what goes into keeping this place running or how much it costs your trusted servants out of pocket.

If you can't contribute, that's okay. We're keeping the lights on for you and we need you more than we need your money. Welcoming and encouraging our newcomers is the most important job to be done here, we can't even put a price tag on the time spent doing so by our home group members and volunteers.

If you prefer to donate by check or Money Order, please make them both payable and addressed to Never Alone Alano Club Corporation, c/o Robert G, 3824 Cedar Springs Rd #801-3616 Dallas TX 75219.


Nia - Your identity will be concealed and held in confidence other than your donation amount.