Instructions for registering a group on NEVERALONECLUB.ORG

There are no dues or fees for hosting a chatroom here. We do accept donations.

We use standard IRC Channel Services, the documentation for Anope can be located at

You need to register your nickname in order to establish ownership of a channel, /msg nickserv HELP REGISTER

Alternately, you can request an account on "TheLounge," we will generate a password and configure the connection and (if you wish) a group for you.

If you want your channel to be named #OURHOMEGROUP , then /join #OURHOMEGROUP

The link to use Kiwi in your new room will be:

Replace "#OURHOMEGROUP" with your actual channel name.

To register your channel, /MSG CHANSERV HELP REGISTER

To embed the chatroom on your own existing website, just put the following code in your page:

<iframe width=850 height=600 border=0 frameborder=none src=""></iframe>

If you need a chair robot, we can provide one free of charge. We'll need to customize it for your meeting scripts, meeting format, readings etc. Could be a few hours.. could be a few days.. we are volunteers over here. ;)

You can practice chairing a meeting in #techsupport with the Freya bot. You need a registered nickname to join that room and use that bot.

Click on "How to Chair" for instructions.