These instructions are for the NA Meeting Format in #nachatroom.

If you're a TS from NA-CHAT.ORG or any other group using a copy of JFT_BOT , they're the same --
(Just replace #nachatroom with your channel name) (example: #nachat if you're from NA-CHAT.ORG)
(#crystalclear if you're from the CMA group, etc)

The NA topics are generated from


Have the new chairperson register their nickname.

Visit to register - A valid email address is required.

You can TRAIN / PRACTICE with these instructions in #techsupport now.

You must have a registered nickname to enter #techsupport , to keep this channel from being misused as a social channel.
(It's not: Please train/practice and then leave when you are finished.)
Before you can chair your first meeting in your home group, somemeone (your GSR/Club staff)
needs to do the following: /MSG CHANSERV ACCESS #NACHATROOM ADD NICKNAME 4 NOTE: You do NOT need bot access or anyone's "permission" to practice chairing in #techsupport.
You can join #techsupport and !beginmeeting on your own if you want to teach yourself or practice alone.


To silence somebody for ten minutes:

!silence NICKNAME

To kick somebody from your channel:


To ban somebody from your channel:


Don't kick people for "sport" , or pull a “Respect Mah Authoratay” on them. 

A lot of your founding TS in the group and club have experienced this
elsewhere in the past. We don't like it and our guests don't like it.


If the bot is NOT RESPONDING to !beginmeeting , use the following two commands:



NOTE: The meeting chair cannot use COLORED FONTS in Kiwi, mIRC, Mibbit, etc. 
Please reload your browser and log back in if you're using COLORED FONTS.


This assumes your nickname is registered and your GSR gave you level 4 access,

Type the following two commands to start the meeting:



(This will announce your meeting in other channels for those who care to join, so please go ahead and start 

your meeting "even if nobody seems to be there.")
From here on out the bot (generally) prompts you on what to do next.
Chairperson: The bot will prompt you to welcome newcomers, give hugs, and congratulate everyone on clean time. DURATION: THREE MINUTES AFTER everyone is welcomed and shares their clean time, begin readings: !readings (This will mute the room and go through all readings) DURATION: FIVE MINUTES AFTER the readings have finished, you may select a randomly generated topic for the meeting by typing: !topics If your meeting format is a Speaker/Lead, meditation, or literature selection do NOT use !topics. We will train you on those formats separately. Start the sharing portion of the meeting: !start MEETING OPERATIONS – GIVING AND TAKING THE FLOOR. Participants are asked to “raise their hand” by typing “!”. Please call on them in the order they raise their hand. Write down their names if more than one person raises
their hand at a time – and call them in order.
When someone types "!" give them the floor: !intro NICKNAME Please give people enough time to greet them. Mute the room after they’ve typed 2-3 sentences.. or sooner if too
many people are interrupting: !mute When they are done, they can type !done to automatically end their share. Or the chairperson can type !done , if the participant says “Done” or “Thanks” or something else to indicate
they’re finished sharing.
(Give everyone a little time to acknowledge the participant’s share before you jump right to calling on the next
person or muting the room again.) Please politely remind everyone there is no cross-talk if they make comments, particularly rude ones or advice giving.
The meeting is not the place for the public with questions, ask them to stay for open chat afterwards. APPROX FIVE (if a slow meeting) TO TEN MINUTES BEFORE CLOSE – OR SOONER, IF NO ONE IS SHARING AFTER 3 MINUTES: OFFER A BURNING DESIRE BEFORE CLOSE !burningdesire A burning desire , is something somebody might use over or hurt themselves or someone else over: A resentment
bothering them .. fixated on making a destructive past contact etc … this is the
place to get it out, we’re as sick as our secrets! After people take turns with the Burning Desires portion – or if no one shares, move on to club / group annnouncements and milestones (IF PART OF THE MEETING FORMAT) with !announcements, and !milestones respectively.
If announcements and milestones are not part of your meeting format you can just go straight from !burningdesire to !close as you've always been able to in the earlier versions of meeting scripts.

Everything from this point forward is automated after you type !close: !close ** Announcements are automatically restarted. ** Please see nia or a site volunteer in #techsupport or #neveralone to update your readings, meeting script,