The Never Alone Club provides online meeting space for recovery, self-help, and support groups.

Chat Rules/Guidelines

We have few guidelines to follow so we can try and make this site as comfortable for everyone as possible.
Please be friendly with your new friends.
We do NOT owe ANYBODY a platform on which to demean others.
Our Intergroup Lobby in #neveralone is a "social chatroom" for NEVERALONECLUB.ORG itself, it has no other affiliation and does not endorse a particular recovery program.
In Open Chat:
Please try not to engage in political discussions/rants and religious/higher power debates.
Please try to refrain from detailed descriptions/conversations of drug use, drug choices, substitutions, and glorifying use, this is not a drug chat.
Please don't post private info about yourself or others such as Phone Numbers, Addresses, Emails, Facebook Pages.
During A Meeting:
Simply follow the prompts of the Meeting Chair.
Disrupting the room negatively/intentionally during open chat or meetings will result in: Being held accountable for said type behavior.


main lobby

 Narcotics Anonymous Lobby (22 Members Online)
  • Next Meeting is in 2 hour(s) and 53 minutes.
    The NA Chatroom is open 24/7 for support and fellowship. We place emphasis on attending an NA home group, reading NA literature, and working the "NA program" from our basic text with a sponsor. All seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs are welcome in accordance with Tradition Three, but not all "behaviors" are welcome. Moderators will refocus the discussion to minimize disruptions.
    Meeting Format: NA Open Discussion
    Daily at 3:00 and 9:00 PM Eastern Time
    Saturdays at 11:59 PM Eastern Time
    main lobby

     NEVERALONE LOBBY (13 Members Online)
  • This room does not hold "meetings" or have any 12 step (AA, NA, etc) affiliation.
    The Intergroup Lobby offers socialization and/or emotional support for those who self-identify as a member of the Recovery Community. We are a "newer" group in need of your support, we check in regularly and encourage each other to stay clean and sober. "Recovery Community" is all inclusive and extended to friends/family/parents who are members of "family groups." The Intergroup Lobby is secular, we do not purport to be the arbiter of spiritual experiences or a higher power. You are welcome regardless of faith, religious / spiritual affiliation, or lack thereof. We welcome attendees from all recovery programs -- 12 step based or not -- whether you're sober today or whether you'd like to be.
    main lobby

     r/stopdrinking on Reddit (102 Members Online)
  • This room does not hold "meetings" or have any 12 step (AA, NA, etc) affiliation. Please only chat/post with 24 hours (or more) sober.
    This subreddit is a place to motivate each other to control or stop drinking. They would like you to visit them on Reddit before joining their chatroom, and they require you to be at least 24 hours clean/sober to chat. You may participate by listening if you are not sober today.
    r/depression on snoonet

     r/depression on Reddit (102 Members Online)
  • We are a peer support community aimed primarily at helping those struggling with depression.
    Reddit has a lot of subreddits dedicated to various areas of mental health that spark insightful conversation and a safe feeling of community. r/Depression isn't the biggest one, but it's active throughout the day with people posting their thoughts, feelings and struggles. Responses come quick and are often quite helpful and supportive.

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    Welcome to the Never Alone Club
    All chatrooms and meetings are text/chat based and accessible to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing.
    Most of our groups host 24/7 chat in addition to their scheduled meetings.
    No webcam or microphone are required: Group members participate by typing their shares.
    Please stick around and greet visitors! This may be their first exposure to a Recovery Community.
    If someone's behavior is not conducive to the desired atmosphere of recovery please type !REPORT

    Our First Time Visitors Often Ask Who We Are

    The main thing we all have in common is "addiction" and "recovery."

    We are all here to get through today together.
    We exist to give any addict, anywhere, an alternative to using and isolating, an hour at a time -- or a day at a time. Whether you've been around the Recovery Community for awhile, or need to talk to someone while you're "kicking," we're here to welcome and encourage you in your recovery process.

    Non-Affiliation Statement

    These are public IRC chatrooms, anyone can register a room -- provided that it is related to recovery or emotional support -- we do not "run" any other channels here besides #neveralone.